Endometriosis Diet

Endometriosis Diet to help the women who suffer from Endometriosis

Endometriosis Diet will help the women who suffer from Endometriosis. A lot of women suffer from endometriosis and as such are required to follow strictly on endometriosis diet. Some might have heard the term already while others might not have. But doctors and reproductive health experts have all stated that at one point or another, all women have experienced endometriosis.

Women who are already curious about what the proper diet is should read more in order to know better and be prepared, especially in the times when the case of endometriosis pops out. Before even touching on the subject of endometriosis diet, women should first know what exactly endometriosis is, what causes it and what some of its effects are in the human body. Once all this is done and discussed, women can then understand better why the food groups and dishes have been added into the list of a safe endometriosis diet.

endometriosis diet

Before going to Endometriosis Diet, you should know what Endometriosis is

Endometriosis is basically an abnormal condition wherein endometrial cells form or grow outside of its natural spawning ground. These so-called endometrial cells are usually found inside a woman’s uterus and have a very distinct function and capability. These endometrial cells are cells that actually go and shed each time a woman goes through her monthly period or more commonly known as her menstrual cycle. Normally, these cells usually grow and attach themselves to the tissues that are located outside the uterus. Once the natural bonding occurs between the endometrial cells and the tissues are successful, the finished product is called endometrial implants. As mentioned earlier, both the cells and the endometrial implants can be found specifically inside a woman’s uterus.

To put it more bluntly, endometriosis is an abnormal condition wherein cells and tissues that usually belong in the uterus ends up growing in other parts of the female reproductive organ. Statistics show that in the past few years more than 176 million women suffer from this challenge. Most of these women have no idea that they are suffering from endometriosis and usually lives most of their lives finding no solution or treatments from endometriosis. According to the most recent studies, women who suffer from endometriosis might often have problems in conceiving a child or might even have problems with infertility. These studies also suggest that the common age for the manifestation of the symptoms and development of endometriosis ranges from 25 years old to even 35 years old. While these are the common ages for when endometriosis starts, the earliest age that has been officially documented by medical experts was a case wherein the patient was just 11 years old.

Now that the actual disorder has been explained, it would be a great idea to take the time to understand and learn more about the symptoms and signs that usually manifests at the onset of endometriosis. Here are some of the actual signs:

Recurring pelvic pain – Pelvic pains are the major symptoms of endometriosis. There are different levels of pains that might be experienced when a woman shows the symptoms of endometriosis. The pain is usually felt on both sides of the pelvis and even in the lower back that reaches even the rectal area. There are even some cases where the patient feels the pain from their pelvis all the way to their legs. Experts in the field have stated that the level of pain being felt by the patient runs parallel to the level or the stage of endometriosis.

Dysmenorrhea – Another symptom for endometriosis that can be cured or removed quite easily with the proper method of endometriosis diet is a sharp pain brought about by dysmenorrhea which is also common when a person is suffering from their monthly menstruation.

Dyspareunia – Another symptom that a woman is suffering from endometriosis is when they start feeling a sharp pain during sexual intercourse with their partners.

-Dysuria – Painful voiding and urinary urgency.
-Chronic fatigue
-Heavy or long uncontrollable menstrual periods with additional blood clots
-Diarrhea or bloating
-Premenstrual spotting

Other causes for the manifestation of endometriosis which can be taken out with the use of medications as well as the proper method of endometriosis diet are the following:

-Weaker immune system
-Environmental factors
-Birth Defects

While surgery and the proper intake of medicine will be a big factor of getting rid of all the pain and suffering that comes along with the problem of endometriosis, recovering and following a strict and proper method of endometriosis diet can definitely help you recover faster and grow healthier especially after the operation.

To better understand the diet that a patient who is suffering from endometriosis, here are some of the things that should be taken according to some of the world renowned dieticians from around the world.

endometriosis diet

-Evening primrose
-Walnut oil
-Flax oil/ flax seed
-Whole grains except for whole grain wheat and rye
-Beans, peas and pulses
-Brown rice
-Mustard greens

Aside from this, experts in the field have also expressed that women who would like to get rid of endometriosis should also add these food stuff on their endometriosis diet such as:

Fiber – A high fiber diet acts as a strain in your body. Getting in more fibers in your diet also helps in cancelling out all the negative effects that is derived from estrogen dominance as well as chronic inflammation. Fibers also ties all lose ends and stray estrogen molecules which also cause the creation of endometrial cells outside of the uterus.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Fish dishes such as Salmons, herrings, uncanned sardines, cod and mackerel.

Purified water – Water is an important yet underrated part of any type of endometriosis diet. Women who are suffering from this problem should note however that they are not allowed to just drink any type of water. They should always drink and carry with them purified water because it does not contain any element or nutrient that might aggravate the situation.

Majority of these foods and supplements will definitely help any woman who is suffering from endometriosis a way to recover faster and prevents the risk of the return. You’re all set for a full recovery in no time if you just keep all of the things listed on the endometriosis diet.

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