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Holistic Definition, What is it?

Holistic Definition, do you have any idea what it is? If your answer is NO, we are telling you now. When we hear the word holistic definition there are a lot of different things that runs through our collective minds. Holistic can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. This could be something that has to do with health and wellness. Other people tend to associate the term holistic with a style or rather a lifestyle while others still think of the of the term is used to define a way of living.

Most experts though would agree on a universal holistic definition. According to these men and women, the term holistic refers to a whole system rather than a part or a piece. This is the reason why the term has such a close sound to the word whole. The term has been positively linked with treating illness and other forms of diseases through a different kind of approach. Different books and online self help materials have stated that treating people or even viewing people holistically would mean that it is not just the actual illness that is the main concern but rather everything about the person or the patient.

One holistic definition has stated that to actually heal ourselves from any type of affliction that gives us problems, a person should start reflecting and looking at himself or herself in order to get better. Experts in holistic healing has stated that once a person has gotten rid of all the negative things in their past or if they have learned to let go of their trauma or their fear especially those fears that they have kept and harbored ever since they were children. Experts in this alternative way of treating illness and problem are to steer clear from negative emotions and attracting positivity.

According to the holistic definition, diseases that have been long believed to be incurable such as cancer can be treated with the help of holistic beliefs and practices. The healing process also draws on the power of the human soul together with the power of the mind. This same principle also applies in reverse as what they teach people who would like to believe. In reverse, when a person feels down or depressed, experts in the subject believe that the body will produce a slightly higher level of toxic chemicals into the bloodstream that might cause problems for the individual in the near future. Some of the chemicals that are produced during these intense moments of sadness or depression might also cause other problems such as lowering the body’s immune system, which in turn might also give way to the production of deadly cancer cells.

Reputable sources have stated that according to the holistic definition, there are several causes for the release of these toxins in our bodies. These factors and sources include:

- Emotional Stress
- Career
- Financial security
- Crimes
- Death
- Peer Pressure or Bullying
- Poverty
- Separation and separation anxiety
- Air pollution
- Water contamination

holistic definitionFortunately for a lot of people, the number of factors that cause diseases in our lives can be countered by an equally numbered amount of treatments and therapies that has been proven effective, especially when the power of the mind applies. These treatments, according to holistic definition, include the usage of herbal medicines to replace synthetic medicines made by different pharmaceutical companies. Experts in the field of holistic study and medicine have also suggested the radical change in diet. This includes replacing burgers and other heavy meals with dishes that are 100% organic.

Exercises for both the mind and the body are also included in the list of treatments and new age beliefs that people who subscribe and practice holism practice. Some of the best mind relaxation includes Yoga and Reiki meditation. Even the basic Zazen meditation can be used as a great way of cleansing the mind from all the negative thoughts and steer clear of any form of negativism. The holistic definition has listed down several things that should make up a good mind relaxation exercise. Most of these trainings also provide something extra aside from cleansing the mind. These exercises also help in bringing back focus and attention. They also help strengthen the mind and train a person’s willpower which comes in handy when they follow holism.

Physical exercises are also a great way of releasing toxins. The toxic chemicals in the bloodstream get plucked away from the body through the form of sweat or perspiration. Toxins that managed to survive the initial purge get flushed away because thanks to urination. Negative thoughts, feelings and most importantly negative energy can also be removed be with the help of physical exercises. Going to the gym or even brisk walking are considered as some of the simplest ways of staying healthy physically. Releasing negativism through exercise may occur as this can be an outlet for stress and other things. Physical workouts such as boxing are some of the prime examples of exercises that can help in releasing these negative thoughts.

There are some other factors that should be considered especially when healing with holism. The holism definition also states that these things should be followed to the letter especially for the holistic physician. These include the following:

1. Physicians should not just diagnose their patients as they are also expected to educate and give the necessary recommendations for their patients.
2. Physicians need to look for the underlying cause of the problem and not just settle with the problems in the surface.
3. It is important to have a good relationship between the physician and his or her patients. It would be a good idea for the physician to know more about his/ her patient before treating or diagnosing them.
4. For holistic patients it is also important for them to continually channel positive emotions such as hope, love and humor. They are expected to steer clear of negative emotions and actions including greed, rage and fear or envy.

With all these things people will now have a better understanding regarding the holistic definition.

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