Symptoms of Serratus Anterior Injury

Serratus Anterior Injury

Serratus Anterior Injury is one of the most uncomfortable experiences you can ever have because this kind of injury can pose difficulty in breathing. Many people experience serratus anterior injury because of the wrong way they perform the serratus anterior workouts. Other causes of serratus anterior injury are strained muscles due to overworking exercises, or external causes like being hit in the area, falling, or hard contact with sharp objects.

Symptoms of Serratus Anterior Injury

Symptoms of Serratus anterior injury can manifest itself in many ways; prime among them is pain on the side of the ribs located on the upper side of your torso. The serratus anterior functions as the helping muscle in the breathing of a person that is why the injury may also be accompanied by difficult breathing, ranging from slight pain to extreme pain while breathing, or coughing.

Serratus anterior injury can also limit the range of your movement, including decreased motion in your arms due to the pain. You will also have trouble in lifting weights, even with light loads. Serratus anterior injury can also manifest itself with pain when you touch the area.

Treating Serratus Anterior Injury

If you want to treat serratus anterior injury on your own, the trigger-point therapy is the best method you can apply. The trigger point is a location found approximately 1.5 inches on the lower end of your shoulder blade. What you can do is to press the trigger point gently, not roughly. The pressure must be somewhat bearable to the person. Release the pressure, and you will notice a slight improvement in your breathing and your pain in the serratus anterior.

You can try pressing different points on your lower shoulder blades where your serratus anterior is located. Do this if your first press does not relieve you of the pain.

Serratus Anterior Injury

You can also treat your serratus anterior injury by leaning against a ball like a tennis ball or baseball. The tennis ball is more preferred because it is softer. Lean against your side on the wall with the tennis ball in between, and allow the pressure of your body weight fall on the tennis ball. Position the ball on your serratus anterior injury.

Allow the tennis ball to roll over the injured area of your body, but be careful about applying too much weight on your ball to avoid further injury. Just gently apply weight on the area depending on what makes you feel relieved or comfortable.

Exercises to Strengthen Serratus Anterior

There are exercises you can do to avoid the risk of serratus anterior injury. This includes dumbbell pullovers. Lie on your bench and do the pullovers with the appropriate weight you can lift. Other forms of exercises are sports. Swimming is a perfect way to strengthen your serratus anterior, because the pressure of the water as you make your freestyle strokes work on your serratus interior for support and strength.

Other sports that are good for your serratus anterior are tennis and golf. Strengthen serratus anterior with exercise and sports to avoid serratus anterior injury.

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