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Different Types of Diseases

Different Types of Diseases

Different types of diseases have affected mankind throughout time. Killers such as the Black Death that ravaged Europe and AIDS which is killing people by the minute are examples of different types of diseases that have plagued the Earth.

But there are diseases that stretch human imagination to its limit. Here are different types of diseases that may cause you to cringe or think deeply:

Different Types of Diseases Will Weird You Out

different types of diseases

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

This type of disease is named after the famous novel by Lewis Carroll and is also called Todd’s syndrome. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome is a neurological ailment that affects your perception of reality and fantasy. A patient with this disease may experience distortion of sensory functions, micropsia, and macropsia. The most common symptoms of this syndrome are change of perception of the size of different body parts accompanied by a severe migraine. If you are affected by this syndrome you will think that your right hand is the same size as a bowling ball. This is one of the many different types of diseases in the modern world.

Different types of diseases include weird diseases such as:


Elephantiasis is characterized by severely enlarged body parts. A person affected with this disease will have grossly enlarged and disproportionate arms and legs. This type of disease is caused by parasitic worms such as Wuchereria bancrofti, Brugia malayi, and B. Timori. All of these parasites are transferred through mosquito bites. This is one of the many different types of diseases in the modern world.

There are interesting diseases that have afflicted people in different parts of the world such as:


Progeria is what is known as the children who look like 80 year olds. This disease is caused by a defect in a child’s genes before they were born. Children who are affected by this disease age at an astounding rate and suffer the same sicknesses of old people such as balding, heart disease, thinning bones, and arthritis. This is one of the many different types of diseases in the modern world.

Werewolf Syndrome

This is a rare disease that affects only a few people around the world. This disease is characterized by copious amounts of hair all over the body. A person who is affected with this disease will look like a werewolf right out of a fiction novel.

Vampire Disease

This strange and unusual disease is characterized by skin blisters and skin pains once a sufferer is exposed to the sun. People who are affected by this disease are not really vampires; their skin is really sensitive to the rays of the sun. This is one of the many different types of diseases in the modern world.

Blaschko’s Lines

This type of disease is characterized by stripes prevalent in different parts of the body. The skin ailment was first discovered by German dermatologist Alfred Blaschko back in 1901. This type of disease is primarily inherited and acquired through family members. The stripes are caused by mosaicism or lymphatic systems. This is one of the many different types of diseases.

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Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

Alice in Wonderland syndrome is the one of weird diseases that well-known which remains to be a mystery to many people, that the existence of startling yet interesting diseases. It is unknown to many that weird diseases such as this kind actually do exist and they are likely to see its manifestation without recognizing it is already actually the disease. Different types of diseases like this are becoming the subject of many studies so as to give light to people who do not know of it.

The Alice in Wonderland syndrome, otherwise known as Todd’s syndrome, is a neurological disorder that alters normal human perception of physical things. Severe migraines, tumors, and certain drugs have also been highly associated with the condition for each of it plays a role in affecting the way that a person views reality. This condition is commonly found to occur during childhood. However, as a child grows older he or she may also begin to emerge from the condition and fully recover.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

alice in wonderland syndrome

Alice in Wonderland syndrome: Signs and symptoms

The general symptom that any person with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome will display is the change in human perception. He or she will often see distortion in images, misrepresentations, or disorientation with objects. Along with sense of vision, even the person’s sense of hearing and touch can be altered as an effect of the change in perception depending on the severity case. Any of these changes in perception are typically coupled with a migraine, which is also being studied as being the possible cause of such occurrence.

Most people with the syndrome find it hard to distinguish the size and shape of their body parts or of any object within their line of sight for that matter. They will also find it difficult to distinguish real distances or time and as an effect their sense of velocity is also altered. This means that the sufferers of this condition will feel as if they were speeding or slowing down uncontrollably or they will see that an object may appear larger, longer, or closer than it really is in reality.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome: Causes

The Alice in Wonderland syndrome is not caused by a disorder in the eyes. It is rather a neurological condition meaning it is caused by some malfunction in the brain. During these symptoms, it was found that an area of the brain abruptly changes its normal speed of activity. This area of the brain allows a person to properly distinguish between different sizes, sounds, proportions, and shapes. Temporal lobe epilepsy, Epstein-Barr virus, and the classic migraine are all being linked as a cause to the occurrence of the condition.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome: Treatment

Since the Alice in Wonderland syndrome has been greatly associated with migraines, a common form of treatment for it is the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Medications used to reduce migraines also consequently reduce the symptoms felt by the patient. Patients are also advised to follow a certain diet so as not to trigger migraines more frequently.

Even if a person consistently experiences the symptoms, it is also very likely that the condition will wear out eventually on its own. Nevertheless, whether or not the condition is severe it must be given proper counseling and therapy to the persons with Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

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Interesting Diseases

Interesting Diseases

Interesting diseases is a misnomer because it implies that being sick brings about fascination–a morbid one at that. Have you ever seen an episode of Criminal Minds? The serial killers in the popular TV show depict people that have interesting diseases. Of course they are the ones with parent issues (my mother was a whore and she fascinated me and my father was a bully and I wanted to torture and kill him), ones with issues with their spouse (he cheated on me so I cut off his penis) and then there are the really disturbing ones that would question you about the show writers sanity. Maybe they are suffering from interesting diseases like their characters.

Dissecting Interesting Diseases

interesting diseases

Interesting diseases are usually the ones that usually deal with the brain–the psychology of the human mind. No one really knows what goes inside a person’s mind. It is not evident at first glance–almost all people look normal. But what is normal anyway? And isn’t it true that people like to be a little disturbed sometimes?

There are different types of diseases that affect the brain, perception and psyche. One type is the Alice in Wonderland syndrome, from the famous work of Lewis Carroll. It is a neurological condition affecting human perception. Symptoms include migraine and disorientation. The person will have lack of spatial perspective (body parts appearing too large or objects appearing too near) and sense of time (time moving too slowly or too fast). He or she can also have hallucinations similar to people who have taken LSD. There is nothing with the person’s eyes but there is something wrong with that person’s perception.

Then there are the really weird diseases. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon where the kidnap victims show empathy and positive feelings to their kidnappers. These are seen as a type of irrational behavior; when their captors do not abuse them, the victims see this as an act of kindness. This comes from the fight or flight reaction to a dangerous situation. A kidnapped victim cannot do either (fight or flight) because of the danger imposed so the victim will slowly acquiescence to the demands of the captor as a means of survival.

Another example of interesting diseases is autophagia or self-cannibalism. It is considered as a mental disorder and a symptom (but it is not listed in the diagnostic manual of psychological disorders). Here, a person is compelled to inflict pain on himself or herself; this is done by biting or devouring parts of the body. It stems from severe sexual anxiety that sometimes come with schizophrenia or psychosis. The interesting part is not the what but the why. Schizophrenics who have autophagia exhibit disintegration of their thought processes and emotional responsiveness. (Interestingly, schizophrenia belongs to the group of interesting diseases.) Another kind of interesting diseases is dissociative identity disorder, popularly known as split personality disorder. This is characterized by a person displaying multiple distinct personalities known as alter egos. Each alter ego has its own way of interacting with its environment and perceiving others; it has its own behaviors, memories, emotions and thoughts. This is caused by trauma, stress, abuse and an innate ability to disconnect memories and experiences. Now how is that for interesting diseases?

You wouldn’t want to mess with a group of weird-looking people because for all you know, all of them suffer from various interesting diseases.

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Weird Diseases

Weird Diseases Discovered

Weird diseases continue to interest the minds of many people today. The advancement of science allowed the medical world to discover the different types of diseases that, although they might really sound strange, can still possibly occur in humans. Some of these weird diseases once only existed in a man’s imaginative mind until science proved that such diseases actually existed in the real world. These weird diseases may be very rare, but even if chances were one in a million, that one case will be sufficient proof that such weird diseases really do exist. Here are some of the most interesting and weird diseases known to man.

Top 10 Rare and Weird Diseases Discovered in Humans

weird diseases

Alice in Wonderland syndrome (AIWS)

The Alice in Wonderland syndrome, also known as Todd’s syndrome, is a neurological disorder in the brain which has an effect to distort the person’s visual perception of reality. In this condition, patients tend to perceive tangible objects as having a disproportionate or distorted form which is exactly the opposite of how it is perceived by others in reality. Weird diseases such as Todd’s syndrome is not caused by a disorder in the optical function, rather it is caused by an irregular activity in the brain. When the symptoms attack, persons suffering from Todd’s syndrome see objects in a different shape and size, sounds are distorted, and sense of time and dimension is lost. Movements for them may feel strangely slower or faster than the normal. It is severe disorientation that sometimes one can find it hard to distinguish the real size and shape of their own body parts.

Alien Hand syndrome

Here is another one of those weird diseases that is something almost similar with the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. The Alien Hand syndrome is also a neurological disorder involving disorientation with reality. Patients with this disorder tend to think that their own hand is a separate entity from the rest of their body, meaning the patient thinks his or her own hand has control over itself. This disorder is triggered by a violent trauma to brain. When the symptoms attack, patients feel no control over their own hand and the hand is viewed as if it is trying to wrestle with the person who owns it. The symptoms are violent and it can lead to death if not treated.


Another weird diseases is Apotemnophilia is a neurological disorder that sends the patient with a desire to cut off his or her own limbs thinking it’s an unhealthy part of their body. It is believed that patients experiencing Apotemnophilia find eroticism in having one’s own limbs cut off. When the desire is strong and uncontrollable, the patient can forcibly break one’s own limbs and render it incapable of any movement just so it can be amputated immediately.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Weird diseases of this kind are classified as a parasomnia disorder, wherein a patient begins to hear extremely loud noises that are created by the mind and not by an outer source. It happens whether the person is awake or sleeping. It can be loud scream, gunshot, explosion, or ringing noise it can be any type of noise that’s eerily originating from within one’s own head.

weird diseases

Fregoli Delusion

This is a type of weird diseases that makes the person think someone is changing his or her own appearance without any basis to formulate such presumption. This weird disease is of a paranoid nature because often the person does not have any evidence to support the assumption that someone could be wearing a disguise.

Foreign Accent syndrome

Weird diseases like the Foreign Accent syndrome are funny but they are factual too. It’s not a speech disorder rather it’s a disorder occurring in the brain that leads a person to attempt speaking in a foreign accent through altering one’s own speech pattern, intonation, and pronunciation. Weird diseases like this are triggered by a trauma caused to brain. Normal speech pattern can be regained after therapy.


Weird diseases of the brain that leads a person to feel sexually aroused by another person who is convicted of a heinous crime.

Moebius syndrome

A type of weird diseases that makes a person incapable of performing movements using the facial muscles. It’s a neurological disorder that can be identified upon birth. People with Moebius syndrome are unable to make facial expressions, voluntary blinking, chewing, and difficulty in swallowing.

Stendhal syndrome

A type of weird diseases that is characterized by feelings of anxiousness upon sight of a beautiful work of art. People with this condition show feelings of dizziness, palpitations, and even hallucinations as a way of being overwhelmed by art.

Reduplicative paramnesia

A type of weird diseases that leads a person to think that a place appears in another location simultaneously. It is a neurological disorder triggered by an injury in the frontal lobes and the right cerebral hemisphere of the brain. This disorder is also associated with dementia or the gradual loss of memory. It was first discovered sometime in 1903 from a woman who was first suspected to have Alzheimer’s disease until she reported that she used to be in a clinic, which looked exactly the same and had the same people in it, but only that it was found in another location.

Most of these weird diseases have already been discovered decades ago, and today the cases are still rarely seen in the population. Most that are included in this list are disorders that are neurological in nature. Some symptoms can be treated and not all are proven to have a cure. These are only some of the interesting diseases that do already exist, but there are a lot of other diseases out there that have not been included in this list, and maybe some that are yet to be discovered in the field of medicine. The internet will offer you a wealth of information about every kind and research will also lead you to find records of actual cases discovered in the past, if you want to know more about weird diseases.

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